The Constitution of Asian University Sports Federation


Part I Preliminary

The interrelation of the Asian Community in many aspects of national life has gone a long way through the years. The founding of the Asian community has always been the source of inspiration and pride to who ever endeavors to foster closer relationship and understanding among the people of the various countries in the region.

In the light of the spirit, any organized activity designed for the purpose of improving and enriching should be encouraged and geared towards the development of all human resources leading to a younger generation healthy, dynamic, disciplined and dedicated community.

Part II The Name, the Logo and the Office

Article 1 The Asian University Sports Federation shall be abbreviated to AUSF, and hereafter referred to as the Federation.

Article 2 The logo of the Asian University Sports Federation portrays the letters “AUSF” under the first capital letter “U”, the bigger one, in dark blue color, and the second capital letter “U”, the smaller one, in yellow color, in the bigger one with a flame of torch on the top, and having the calendar year of 1992 (in red color) under the smaller one.

Article 3 The registered office of the Federation is No. 35 Damucang Hutong, Xidan, Beijing, P. R. China 100816.


Part III Objectives

Article 4 The aim of the Federation shall be to strengthen international ties, appreciation and understanding among the students in Asia and to further the general objectives as follows:

1. To promote and develop in youth of Asia the physical and moral qualities which are the basis of sports.

2. To educate young students sporting excellence and

the spirit of amateurism, thereby helping to spread the Olympism.

3. To bring together the students of Asia, thereby activating university sports, and promoting friendship among Asian countries or regions.

4. To foster better understanding and the public awareness through exchange programs of sports and culture of Asian countries.

5. To help enhance the level of athletic skills and performance of the Asian student-athletes.

Part IV Membership

Article 5 Membership shall be composed of national University Sports Boards or any national organizations responsible for the university sports activities in the Asian regions.

Article 6 The decision to admit new members shall be the authority of the General Assembly of the Federation. The membership will be valid upon paying an annual membership fee USD 100.

Part V General Assembly

Article 7 General Assembly is the highest policy body of the


Article 8 General Assembly shall be held at least once in every

two years.

Article 9 Each member shall have two accredited representatives

but only one vote on the General Assembly Meeting.

Article 10 The quorum for General Assembly shall be at least half of

the members.

Article11 At the request of at least half the members, an extraordinary General Assembly meeting may be held.

Article 12 Notice of meeting together with the Agenda for General

Assembly should be sent to members at least 3 months in advance.

Article 13 Members wishing to place an item for discussion in the

Agenda must notify the Secretary General at least 6

weeks before General Assembly.

Article 14 The conduct of General Assembly will be in accordance

with the by rules and regulations of the general Assembly.

Article 15 General Assembly shall elect an Executive Committee

with the following office bearers:

(1) President

(2) Senior Vice President

(3) Two Vice Presidents

(4) Secretary General

(5) Vice Secretary General

(6) Treasurer

(7) Four Assessors

 (8) Chairman of the Sub-Committee on University Sports Rules

(9) Chairman of the Sub-Committee on University Sports Research and Development

(10) Chairman of the Sub-Committee on Public Relations

(11) Chairman of some other Sub-committees appointed by Executive Committee when necessary

(12)The Executive Committee may appoint not more than 4 members to the Committee.

(13)And the Executive Committee is also empowered to appoint a pane of advisors as appropriate, who have no right to vote.

Article 16 Nomination form for office bearers from members must

be forwarded to the Secretary General 6 weeks before the General Assembly. The Secretary General will forward all nominations to members at least 2 weeks


Part VI Election of Officers

Article 17 President, Senior Vice President, Vice Presidents,

Secretary General, Vice Secretary General, Treasurer, Auditors, Assessors and Chairmen of Sub-Committees shall be elected for a rotating term of 2 years by General Assembly. President and Secretary General cannot be from the same member countries or regions.

Part VII Management

Article 18 The affairs of the Federation shall be managed by President, Senior Vice President, two Vice Presidents, Secretary General, Vice Secretary General, Treasurer, four Assessor, two Auditors, and Chairmen of the Sub-Committees and delegates representing AUSF members.

Part VIII Finance

Article 19 The Federation shall be empowered to raise funds and

accept donation from acceptable sources for the Federation’s revenue.

Part IX Expenses

Article 20 Expenses incurred for the Federation’s meetings shall be

borne by the host member of the meetings. AUSF will subsidize such meetings, the sum of which may be decided from time to time by the Executive Committee. All expenses of the Federation’s other activities shall be borne by the respective participating members.

Part X The Federation’s Activities

Article 21 The sports congress, cultural festival or championships of

the Federation shall be held at least once in a year.


Part XI Executive Committee Meetings

Article 22

1. The Ex-Co meeting shall meet at least once a year.

2. Three month’s notice in written by the Secretary General shall be given to all members of the Executive Committee.

3. At any meeting of the Executive Committee, at least one half of the members must be present to constitute a quorum.

4. In the event of the tie votes, President has casting votes.

5. President shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee. In the absence of President, Senior Vice President shall preside. In the absence of Senior Vice President, one of Vice President shall preside. In the absence of President and all Vice Presidents, the members present shall elect one of their members to chair the meeting.

Article 23

 1. The Executive Committee may, at any time and for any special purpose, call an extraordinary Ex-Co meeting.

2. At least one month’s notice of such extraordinary meeting shall be given within two weeks of receiving the Secretary General’s written request stating the purpose and the agenda for the meeting.


Part XII Duties

Article 24 President shall:

1. Provide leadership in co-coordinating the work of the Federation.

2. Preside at the meeting of the Executive Committee and General Assembly.

3. Call meetings as needed.

4. Confer with appropriate officers and sub-committees of members in regard to progress and programmes of the Executive committee and the General Assembly.

5. Serve as ex-officio member of all Sub-Committee.

6. Decide and act together with the Secretary General on routine matters of the Federation.


Article 25 Senior Vice President and two Vice Presidents of the

Federation shall assist the President in having his duties carried out and serve as ex-officio member of all Sub-Committee.

Article 26 Secretary General shall:

1. Serve as coordinator in the administration of the Federation business and projects.

2. Arrange for minutes to be taken at each meeting of the Executive Committee and the General Assembly and have copies of each minutes distributed to members of

the Federation and other related agencies.

3. Prepare the Federation’s Reports for distribution to members.

4. Serve as an ex-officio member of all sub-committee.

5. Shall operate an interest account, the amount of which

shall be determined by the Federation.

Article 27 Vice Secretary General shall:

Assist the Secretary General in his duties and to cover

Article 28 Treasurer shall:

1. Be responsible for the custody of all funds of the Federation, which shall be deposited with a commercial bank approved by the Executive


2. Prepare the statement of accounts.

3. Receive all dues established by the Federation.

4. Prepare and present a proposed budget to the Ex-Committee for approval.

5. Prepare and issue cheques which shall be signed by the Treasurer and either the President or the Secretary


Article 29 The Auditor shall examine the balance sheet and income-expenses accounts showing the annual financial status of the Federation, then certify and submit them to the Executive Committee for approval.

Article 30 Chairman of the Sub-Committee on University Sports

Technical and Rules shall:

1. Draw up the technical rules and regulations of Asian University Games and Championships.

2. Control the technical conduct of sports events of Asian University Games and Championships.

3. Advise the Executive Committee concerning any general problems of a sports technical nature.

4. Form any working groups whose composition must be approved by the Executive Committee of AUSF.

5. Meet its members at least annually.

Article 31 Chairman of the Sub-Committee on University Sports

Research and Development shall:

1. Promote scientific and technical study of university sports, especially by conferences, reports, publications and all other appropriate measures.

2. Foster and exchange of sports research information among the Asian member countries or regions and other international sports organizations.

3. Cooperate with other international organization in the promotion of sports personnel exchange.

4. Meet its members at least annually.

Article 32 Chairman of the Sub-Committee on University Sports Public Relations shall serve as the central public relations unit of the Federation.


Part XIII Amendment

Article 33 The Constitution of the Federation may be amended only

at General Assembly Meeting. Any proposed changes or additions to the Constitution shall first be sent to the Secretary General for discussion only at the Executive Committee meetings and dissemination to members. General consensus for the adoption of the amendment shall be required from two-thirds of the quorum of the

General Assembly of the Federation.



The Asian University Sports Federation (AUSF) was formed in 1992 aims at providing a platform for all university students in Asia to exchange and interact through sports. The national university sports federation in each country/region may apply for membership of AUSF and join all programs and events organized by the Federation.  As of March 2009, AUSF has a total of 33 members. When the Federation was established in 1992, there was only 10 founding members; membership of AUSF has grown significantly in the last twenty years.

Purpose of AUSF

The purpose of AUSF is to promote international friendship, respect and understanding among Asian nations and it has the following specific missions:
  1. To promote and advance sports for harmonious development of mind and body of Asian collegians and for holistic education.
  2. To educate virtues of sports and the spirit of amateur sportsmanship and to propagate and understand Olympism.
  3. To affirm friendship among Asian collegians through active sports exchange programs between Asian universities.
  4. To increase the awareness and understanding between nations by active sports and cultural exchange programs.
  5. To strive to strengthen technical skills and level of performance for college athletes.

Establishment of AUSF

At the World University Games held in Duisberg, Germany in August 1989, leaders of the delegations from Korea, China, Japan, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Chinese Taipei and Thailand happened to meet and discuss on the development of university sports in their country/region.  They all felt the importance of mutual support in the development of university sports and the initial idea of forming a regional/continental federation came out naturally.  There were two subsequent meetings held in Hong Kong in February 1990 and in Kuala Lumpur in August 1991 respectively to prepare for the establishment of the Asian University Sports Federation as an umbrella society in development of the university sports in Asia. Organizational structure, purpose, and the constitutions were drafted and agreed at these two meetings.

As a result of the concerted effort of this group of sports leaders, the Inaugural General Assembly was held on 28th March 1992 in Bangkok, Thailand.  The ten founding members were China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Mongloia, Chinese Taipei, Thailand and Vietnam. Seven nations from the Far East also sent in their observers.  At this General Assembly, Prof. Bunnag PATCHAI of Thailand was elected the inaugural President and the first Exceutive Committee was also elected.

Organizational Structure

The GENERAL ASSEMBLY is the highest authority of the AUSF.  It brings together every four years the national university sports federations which are AUSF members and elects the Executive Committee for a term of four years.  It formulates the major policy and issues.  At the fourth General Assembly held Beijing, an amendment was made to the constitutions to increase the frequency of the General Assembly to be held in every two years and to extend the term of office of the Executive Committee from four years to six years.

When the General Assembly is not in session, the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE looks after the general affairs and to make decisions to ensure the proper functioning of AUSF.  Members of the Executive Committee is elected at the General Assembly and the composition includes:

President (1) ,Senior Vice-President (1) ,Vice-Presidents (2) ,Secretary General (1) ,Vice Secretary General (1) ,Treasurer (1) ,EC members (4) ,Auditors (2)

The Executive Committee meets once a year to take care of the general business of the Federation.  When the full Executive Committee is not available, a STEERING COMMITTEE would meet.  Members of the Steering Committee consists of the President, Vice-Presidents and Secretary General and the Treasurer, a total of 8 members.  Decisions of the Executive Committee and the Steering Committee will be submitted to the General Assembly for endorsement.

The SECRETARIAT takes care of the day to day operation.  The Secretariat is located in Beijing since 2004 and is well supported by the Federation of University Sports of China.  With the subvention of the International University Sports Federation starting from late 2008, the Secretariat has secured an office in Beijing, purchased furniture and office equipment.  With the genuine effort of the Secretariat staff, the AUSF is now officially incorporated in China as the Continental Federation in university sports in Asia.

AUSF Members

Inter University Sports Board
Contact Person
Mozahid Hossain, Director of Physical Education
Shahjalal University of Science and Technology Sylhet
880-0821-713491 (Tel)
880-0821-713491 (Fax)

Cambodian Student Sports Federation
Contact Person
Secretary General
National Olympic Stadium, Phnom Penh, PO Box 101, Cambodia
855-23-363-057 (Tel)
855-12-989022 (Mobile)
855-23-364-752 (Fax)

Federation of University Sports of China
Contact Person
Yang Liguo, Secretary General
No. 35 Damucang Hutong, Xidan, Beijing, China 100816
86-10-66093825 (Tel)
86-10-58856929 (Fax)

Chinese Taipei University Sports Federation
Contact Person
Ching-yu Tseng, Secretary General
12F No. 20, Chu Lun St Taipei City
886-2-27710300 (Tel)
886-2-27710305 (Fax)
886-928-273599 (Mobile)

The University Sports Federation of Hong Kong, China
Contact Person
Kenny K.W. Chow, Council Chairman
Room 1013, Olympic House, 1 Stadium Path, So Kon Po, "Causeway" Bay, Hong Kong
852-2504-8131 (Tel)
852-3422-3378 (Fax)
852-90722209 (Mob)

Association of Indian Universities
Contact Person
Prof Dayanand Dongaonkar
AIU House, 16 Comrade Indrajit Gupta Marg (Kotla Marg), New Delhi 110002
91-11-23236105 (Tel)
91-11-23232131 (Fax)

Indonesian University Sports Council
Contact Person
Prof Supeno Djanali
Directorate Institutional Affair, DIKTI Building 6th Floor, Jl Pintu 1 Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia
62-21-57946068 (Tel)
62-81-1932127 (Mob)

National University Sports Federation of I.R Iran
Contact Person
Mohammad Hosein Alizadeh
No. 40 Havapeymaie Dead End, Ostad Nejatollahi Ave Tehran-Iran
98-21-88915252 (Tel)
98-21-88808732 (Fax)
98-9123489807 (Mob)

Japanese University Sports Board
Contact Person
Takuji Hyata, Director of International Relations Department1-1-1 Jinnan, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo, 150-8050, Japan
81-3-34812286 (Tel)
81-3-34810977 (Fax)

Sports Federation of Jordanian Universities
Contact Person
Al Al Dardour, Secretary General
SFJU Chairman, Al-Balqa' Applied University, Al Salt City 19117, Jordan
962-6-5353462 (Tel)
962-6-5353463 (Fax)

Kazakhstan University Sports Federation
Contact Person
Gutsel N., Secretary General
050022 Almaty, Abai av 83/85
7727-292-10-90 (Tel)
7727-292-68-05 (Fax)
727-292-0756 (President)

Korean University Sports Board
Contact Person
Kim Chong Yang, President
C/o K.U.S.B Olympic Center, 88, Oryun-Dong, Songpa-Ku, Seoul, Korea
82-2-22901660/0044 (Tel)
82-19-4423758 (Mob)
82-2-22901664 (Fax)

The Federation of Student Sport of Kyrgyz Republic
Contact Person
Sharshenaly Kasenov, President
503 Frunze Str. 720040 Bishkek, Kyrgzstan
996-312-210685/212842 (Tel)
996-312-210672 (Fax)
996-555961100 (Mob)

Federation of University Sports of Lebanon
Contact Person
Nasri Lahoud, President
George Nader, Secretary-General
Palais de Justice de Beyrouth, Boulevard Sami Solh - BP 116-2233, Beyrouth, Lebanon
961-1-887729/424963 (Tel)
961-1-481740 (Fax)
961-3-111134 (Mob)

Macau University Sports Association
Contact Person
Lio Cheok In, Jack
Complexo Desportivo da Universidade de Macau, Rua de Choi Long, Taipa - Macau
853-28850236 (Tel)
853-28850240 (Fax)
853-66660668 (Mob)

Malaysian University Sports Council
Contact Person
Prof. Dato' Dr Mohd Wahid Samsudin, President
C/o Sports Center, University Putra Malaysia, 43400 Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia
603-89464268/89464268 (Tel)
603-89464274 (Fax)
6012-6570700 (Mob)
Mongolian Student Sports Federation
Contact Person
Danzandorj Bayasgalan, President
Dorjsuren Jargalsaikhan, Secretary General
Central PO Box 1169 Ulaanbaatar-13 Mongolia
976-11-324050/311947 (Tel)
976-11-312307 (Fax)
976-99119093 (Mob)

University Sports Association Nepal
Contact Person
Khagendra Prasad Ojha, President
Puma Singh Bohara, Secretary General
Rupak Memorial Building, ANFA Complex, Satabodato, Lalitpur, PO Box 24855, Kathmandu, Nepal
977-1-4488312 (Tel)
977-1-4472083 (Fax)

19. OMAN
Sultan Qaboos University
Contact Person
Dr Hamood Al Harthi, Assistant Dean for Student
Deanship of Student Affairs PO Box 50 PC 123 SQU, Oman
Dr Salim Al Oraimi, President Oman Committee for University Sports
PO Box 211 Muscat 100 Oman
968-24141571 (Tel)
968-24413410 (Fax),

Sports Federation of Palestinian Higher Edu, Ins
Contact Person
Ahmed Hamarsha, General Coordinator
Ministry of Higher Education, Jerusalem, Ramallah Box 17360 Palestine
972-22-982659 (Tel)
972-22-954518 (Fax)

University Athletic Association of the Philippines
Contact Person
Jose A. Capistrano. Jr
Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights, Quezon City
932-4261201 (Tel)
632-4265955 (Fax)
632-9209524605 (Mob)

Singapore University Sports Council
Contact Person
Sheryl Low, Chairperson
Nanyang Technological University
SRC-01-06, 20 Nanyang Green, Singapore 637715
65-67911810 (Fax)

Sri Lanka Universities Sports Association
Contact Person
Sarath Amunugama, Vice Chancellor
University of the Visual and Performing Arts, 21 Albert Crescent, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka
94-11-2690240/2787746 (Tel)
94-11-2686071 (Fax)
91-773851222 (Mob)

National Union of Syrian Students
Contact Person
Housan Aldeen Aldouki, Vice President
Arsheed Sayasneh, Head of Sports Activities
Al-Mazzeh Road Damascus, Syria
961-11-2135868/2132108 (Tel)

The AUSF Executive Committee

The AUSF Executive Committee is elected at each General Assembly and is responsible for all affairs of the Federation.
In the last General Assembly, the following persons have been elected to sit in the AUSF EC:

CHEN Kun-Ning (Dr)

CHOW Kenny (Mr)
Secretary General


IGARASHI Hisato (Mr)

HA Woong Yong (Mr)




XUE Yanqing (Mr)
Vice Secretary General 

SEETOW Cheng Fave (Mr)

ZHANG Xinsheng (Mr)

AL HAI Omar Abdulaziz (Dr)
Senior Vice-President

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